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When Im Wrote To You

– Filled My Wishing Dream – It Wont Be So Long

– Always Thingking About You Even A Second – Safety First

– The Tales Not Begin Yet – The Doors Are Open To U

– The Difficulties Of Testing -Not Easy

– Hopeless – There Are Word Only


Please Remember This Stonebench –  Historical

The Best Quotes & Memorial Actioned

i)  Bukak Bukak Bukak (please remember the similar face said like that nearest sungai klang – behind masjid india..) Brother im only selling the belt..opening ceremony..

ii) The History Of GOHAN ( Going back home first and crying after the exodus fight And Return back with new power) Im Back..

iii) The History Of Hornet Nest ( The Title of The Most Powerful Threw Stones)igeeeeeeeeeee….run for your life..

v) The Challenge For Uchan And Nanchan – Im Not Guilty After the  incident throwing the miracle tube..inglorious

vi) Time To Run & Hide – When the Tabligh group increasingly close..Come Everyone Join Us At Mosque – Please Remember – Next time do not wear shorts –   

vii) Its time to meet FAZILAH MAMAT (Intellectual Person In Sports Subject) Please Ask him About Soccer Question – World Cup Only..Korang nak pegi mana mlm nie..nak pegi kl ke..aku nak follow…

viii) Time to meet The Legendary Of KARi BROTHER – The best of the best Unknowledge  Musical Theory..Until he broke my freinds Guitar String..

 Soundtrack – Offspring (Come Out And Play)


I Will Be There – Wait For Me

Prediction Arrived : Disember 2012



Its Cannot Be Happen…Cause i Am The Powerful Thinker


I Am Gemini


Versatile, Adapts Easily to Change, Devoted, Witty, Charming, Intellectual, Outgoing, Stimulating, Adventurous, Curious, Freedom.

Areas to Evolve

Nervousness, Scatter-Brained, Money Management, Impractical, Fear of Commitment, Split Personality, Talkative, Look Before You Leap, Childish, Saving for a Rainy Day, Health Management.

Gemini Blessings

Of all the zodiac signs out there, ours is the one that is said by astrologers to seek astrology readings the most. This supports the notion that we are constantly looking to define who we are, potentially an impossible task because we are two people with two personalities. Who we are depends on who we are at the moment.  Gemini is a cerebral air sign which translates to excessive mental activity and an inability to turn our active minds completely off. We quickly jump into any interesting and creative projects and quickly find them to be boring. Gemini’s are always seeking new adventures to experience.  The speed in which we process information, even useless information, can lead communication issues with even our closest relationships.  Gemini’s should try to move at everyone else’s speed a bit.

If you are a Gemini, you probably have groups of people who know you as one person and groups of people who know you as another. We feel uncomfortable and may even fear that should these groups ever combine, the conversation may lead to the story of your life, and the question, “Who are you?” We are curious about everything and there is nothing we won’t at least consider trying. This leads to a daily task of discovery and since our actions define who we are, we are always someone new.

Whatever “thing” may be new to a Gemini, we must have it.  From the latest styles to the latest gadgets, we have them all and a huge collection of old ones. In many ways, this is how our relationships go too.  Be it personal, work, or with anything else, we tend to leap before we look to experience the now.

Spiritual Challenges for the Gemini Soul

The Yin-Yang of the universe has given Gemini a high-strung and nervous side.  This can make us act inconsistent and unpredictable, even to ourselves.  We love our freedom and we especially love to explore in our relationships.  Long term relationships are difficult to keep up. Our short attention spans can easily make others feel like we are non-committal.

Gemini’s have the ability to become highly devoted in our closest relationships, but our challenge is a matter of figuring out how to get from point A to point B.  Gemini’s, check your daily horoscope readings faithfully to focus on stability and less on spontaneity. Embrace the duality of you!

Feeling The Inner Life

Expression is the Outer Life

I’ve realized that there’s a difference between my ability to feel, my ability to express my feelings, and my ability to let go.  I know there are many painful emotions I learned to suppress when I was young, particularly anger or sadness.  Other emotions might be difficult to feel because they are connected to past pain.

Yet there’s no letting go, no moving on, until I stop trying to avoid feelings such as sorrow, anger, rage or despair.  I have found the way to begin working through difficult feelings is to reach out to people with a phone call, email, or blog comment.  Other ways I have found to help are writing (blogging or journaling); having a good cry, or plan a healing ritual which can be as simple as taking a couple of days alone, just to think.  For some of us, turning to our Higher Power, as we know it provides the spiritual help and nourishment we need.

The release that will come as a result of expressing our feelings will help to ease the pain.  It’s not realistic to release all the pain from our past all at once, but we can begin by letting go of a little piece today.


 The Craziest Dude


Tittle For The Story – Come To Travelling With Me

Time & Place : In Front Yellow Bus Stand, 12.00 am.

Prediction Story : Me, Deck (inspector), Nuar (Car Speaker Expert), Mahmud (Van Owner) spent much time  in our hostel room..Mahmud ask everyone –  – who want to follow him for the journey ..The Journey to see the reality…Ride To the Hell…Holla New York

OST : Temple Of The King – Rainbow, Soldier Of Fortune – Deep Purple, – You’re my heart, You’re my soul – Modern Talking. 


Collect The Bad Story



Everthing In My Hand And My Mind


– Use It When U Feel Lonely

– Use It When U Feel Upset

– Use it When Feel Devastated & Sad

– Use it When Feel Much Work Pressure

– Use It When U feel Threaten 




Swing Your Body –  Learn How To Make Hurricarana Style and Terjun Tiruk (Famous Deciplined)


Me, Essan gigiel (Eye Injured During The War), Amir Matrix ( He Cant Stop The Bullet Shoot), K-E (Wearing Blue Spender), A-pul Senoi (Karoake Master), Alip K (Establish Himself,  He Is the Bad Teenage In Village), MTR (Durian Tree History) , Ameer (Coconut Trunk History), ST (The Imaginarius Of Black metal) and A-pul Yngwie (The Bloody Ear)

Prediction Story

MTR  just want to followed the actioned, Copy The Role Model, Suddenly MTR Head Bleedding After The Dive. But he replace the incident with Quote (K-E – Cuba Kau Try Tengok Dekat Situ Dalam Tak)…Kabusssh.. He Did It..The New Record For History Reveals. Alip K Start The Quoted (Orang Lompat Mcm Nie – Dia Lompat Cegini).

Just Do It