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Meet Her Loveless – Welcome To Newcastle

Tittle – Who Is The Romeo – The Long Journey and Ridiculous

The Planning – Only Five Minutes  (9.00 Am) At My Stair nearest my house.The panel of discussion Me, Chapit, Cikgu…To search Who Is The Right person to handle The Impposible Task. Me And Chapit Begin The Searching.We Are Luck cause we found Salam TJ.And Begin To Jouney.

The Actor – Cikgu, Peter. Chapit( Im Feeling A Little Peculiar) Me..Four Hourse – Men.

Situation – Suddenly We Lost (But Chapit Appear And Said Pang Soon). Situation already Come Under Control . We Arrive at 7.30 pm (Very2 Tired), At The Morning, We Wake Up at Time 6.30 am. I Still Remember Chapit And Peter Sleep on Floor.

Predicition Story – Peter Is The Last Man Standing For The Story..Chapit Is The Accountant, All Same..No Kroni, Cikgu The Flexible Cigarrete Supply..What U Want.(This Is A Unpredictable Thing).

I Want To Spend My  Life To Loving You

Date – Year 2005

Satu Respons to “Meet Her Loveless – Welcome To Newcastle”

  1. Lots of people talk about this subject but you wrote down some true words!!

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