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Arkib untuk Julai 2010

The Day I Became Like Gregory Louganis – Year 1998

Julai 25, 2010

Swing Your Body –  Learn How To Make Hurricarana Style and Terjun Tiruk (Famous Deciplined) Actor Me, Essan gigiel (Eye Injured During The War), Amir Matrix ( He Cant Stop The Bullet Shoot), K-E (Wearing Blue Spender), A-pul Senoi (Karoake Master), Alip K (Establish Himself,  He Is the Bad Teenage In Village), MTR (Durian Tree […]

The Time I Become Last Man Standing (Alessandro Nesta) – Year 2008

Julai 25, 2010

Actor Manager : ABDJ Goal Keeper : Atoi (Former Ipoh Player) – How Much I Have To Pay U – Acrimonius Defender : Me, Acap (Winter Sonata – Takeshi Kaneshiro), Enas Bengkong, Halim (Thieves Expert), Shafiq (UKM Chemical Student) Midfielder : Nuar (Reverse World), Aris (White Devil), Cok (Cokee Tabarat – Kiamat Sudah Dekat),  Jaa (Juan […]

The Time I Break The Record Year 1995 – Return Back To Pendulum

Julai 25, 2010

Only Miracle Can Make It – My Second Gold Medal Starting Story Place : Cheras Stadium Group : Kajang Contigent Story OST – I Stand Alone (GodSmack) Prediction Story I felt  awesome and amazing when magicall water from ampang contigent drop into my leg. First try not bad, for second try i managed the jump, […]

The Time I Become Like Alexander Popov Year 2000

Julai 25, 2010

  The Journey For 100 meter Freestyle & 100 meter backstroke Actor Me, K-E (Dr Hook – Kingdom Hospital) , MTR (Bad Guy), Apul Yngwie (Bloody Ear), ST (The Last Soceroos), Ameer (Val Venis), Alip K (Bad Guy), Apul Senoi (Sad Story – Where My Clothes), Apul Bee (Iron Chef). Starting Story Place : Memory Of […]

Newcastle Memory – How To Become The Good Employee – Year 2004

Julai 25, 2010

Actor Me, Lee Wok Doje (Bare – Up Your Hand Shake Twice), Wee PDR (SIR), Mus (Thin Man) and All My Diploma Member. Beginning Story Time : 9:30Am Place : University Hall Prediction Story Appointed as Cameraman.  Me, We PDR receive  order to sit in front the hall. We met Lee Wok DOJE and share […]

Last Convoi – Ramadhan History Year 1999

Julai 18, 2010

Actor K-E & Segragate, MTR & Conglomerat, Me, S-T Black Metal, A-pul Yngwie, Latip SSBJ, RTM. The Story Begin :- Time :  2.00 AM OST : – Ride With Me (Nelly) Prediction Story:- Waiting so long.. suddenly voices be heard  – Orang Nak Konvoi Korang Pun Nak Konvoi, CRASH, Ohh, MTR elbow and ankle bleeding after the accident. […]