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The History About Mahmud Caravan – Year 2004 (Newcastle Memory)

November 19, 2010

 The Craziest Dude   Tittle For The Story – Come To Travelling With Me Time & Place : In Front Yellow Bus Stand, 12.00 am. Prediction Story : Me, Deck (inspector), Nuar (Car Speaker Expert), Mahmud (Van Owner) spent much time  in our hostel room..Mahmud ask everyone –  – who want to follow him for […]

Time For Silent

November 19, 2010

Collect The Bad Story

Time For Change

November 19, 2010

  Everthing In My Hand And My Mind

Welcome To My Symphony

November 5, 2010

– Use It When U Feel Lonely – Use It When U Feel Upset – Use it When Feel Devastated & Sad – Use it When Feel Much Work Pressure – Use It When U feel Threaten  symphony1406@yahoo.com